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Scuba Equipment

Having proper scuba gear will allow you to adapt to the underwater world. Your scuba diving equipment will make it possible for you to explore comfortably underwater for extended periods of time. Here is a list of some of the scuba gear that you will come into contact with during scuba diving lessons and trips.


BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)
Your buoyancy control device holds your gear in place, allows you to carry easily tank with minimal effort, helps float you at the surface and enables you to achieve neutral buoyancy at any depth. Look for one that fits snugly but doesn't squeeze you when inflated.


  Regulator and Octopus
Your scuba regulator takes high pressure air from your scuba tank and adjusts it to the pressure you need for breathing. It will supply you with air when you inhale and direct your breath into the water when you exhale. Additionally, the regulator routes air to your BCD, instruments and dry suit.

Instruments / Gauges
Scuba pressure gauge tells you how much air remains in your tank so that you can end your dive safely. The scuba pressure gauge may be an independent gauge, or it may combine into a console with one or more additional instruments.

Scuba Tanks
A scuba tank, or cylinder, holds compressed breathing air that you use during the dive. Modern scuba tanks are made from aluminum alloy or steel alloy and are rated to hold pressures as high as 200 bar / 3000 psi.



Your scuba mask will provide a pocket of air between your eyes and the water, which will help you to focus on things underwater. Additionally, your nose is within the eye pocket so you can adjust for pressure changes at different depths and prevent "mask squeeze".



Your fins provide a large surface area to push against the water, allowing you to move more efficiently and without as much use of your hands.




Your snorkel will allow you to breathe at the surface, with your face in the water, without wasting air from your scuba tank.